Information For Healthy Websites Clients

Learn about your current website and why it’s not viable for the long term.

About Your Website

Your website lives on a hosting platform developed over a period of many years by a sole proprietor, Larry McEhlinney, who passed away in January 2020. He created this platform by piecing together dozens of third party products and templates with custom code in several different programming languages. Unfortunately, the result is unorthodox and outdated, relying on Windows Server technology and SQL Server 2012. Also, because it was created by a single individual in a non-standard way, it is challenging for anyone else to support.

Portability Issues

In a typical web hosting environment, each website functions as a separate entity, contained in a single folder on the server’s hard drive. This allows for websites to be easily transferred from one server to another.

On the Healthy Websites server, all of the websites are interconnected and share many resources, including a common database and a common admin folder with over 10,000 files and scripts in it. The admin folder include site templates, the content management system, billing information, and dozens of third party applications and website extensions which some or all of the websites access.

In summary, this architecture has a few disadvantages from your perspective:

  • As mentioned above, because the websites are interconnected and dependent on shared resources, it is not possible to simply copy your website to another web server.
  • Any issues which arise within the admin folder may affect multiple websites – we experienced a situation at the end of May which brought down all of the websites.
  • Since the Health Websites environment was developed by a single individual instead of using a web standard architecture, and since it is not documented, it can be very time consuming to track down and solve issues as they arise.
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Our Solution

We are offering a 50% discount on the creation of a new modern website which will serve your needs into the future.

Your New Website

Originally the Healthy Websites server (and your website) was scheduled to be decommissioned July 1st, 2020. We purchased the server from Larry’s father and intend to keep it up and running at least until September 2022 to make sure none of your businesses are negatively affected.

It is our intent to assist all of the remaining Healthy Websites clients by developing new and modern websites which are:

  • Independent and thus easily transferrable
  • Secure and built in a standard web architecture
  • Easy to maintain

Our preference and recommendation is to utilize WordPress, the most common content management system on the internet, with an estimated 455,000,000 sites in 2020. WordPress allows easy editing of your website and is constantly updated by the WordPress team to enhance security and incorporate the newest technologies.

We typically charge between $3,000 and $5,000 for the development of a new WordPress website.

We are offering a 50% discount to all Healthy Websites clients who are content to have a design which is very similar to your current design, so the cost should be somewhere between $1,500 and $2,500 depending on the complexity of your website.

Please contact us to start the conversation about your new upgraded WordPress website.