Internet Marketing Is Crucial To Your Success

In this day and age, building your brand online is essential to the success and growth of your business.  It is a critical element to an overall successful marketing plan as it allows you to effectively target, connect and engage directly with your audience.  It should be the the hub of all your other marketing efforts.

  • Will your web site be listed on the first page of web results?
  • Does your web site stand out from your competition?
  • Are you utilizing Social Media to connect with and expand your customer base?  Social Media often produces fewer yet higher quality leads than search engine listings.

Our core focus is internet marketing – getting our clients’ websites to rank high in search engines, and therefore earn web traffic which convert into leads and business.

However, understanding that a broad marketing strategy is required to successfully reach and build a desired target audience, Creative Consulting offers additional marketing services to allow our clients access to a well rounded and complete marketing presence.

Mediums like television and radio which used to be destinations are now effectively used to drive traffic to your company’s website, where potential customers and clients can spend time learning about your products and researching your history.

With a combination of traditional marketing,  internet-based advertising and public relations we essentially offer all the services of a full service ad agency, but with personalized service and a strong focus towards driving traffic to your website.

  • Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr)
  • Local/National Print, TV & Radio Campaigns
  • Press Release Creation and Distribution
  • Coordination of Newspaper, TV, Radio & Internet Interviews
  • Copywriting (Content, TV & Radio Scripts)
  • Reputation Management