Heir Search Services

Research America finds Missing Heirs Worldwide

In late 2015, we were approached by a unique Palm Coast heir search company with an international clientele. This business needed professional internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) services, but had been let down by two prior providers.  Creative Consulting stepped in to help.

The primary business of Research America is conducting heir searches for attorneys, however its website also serves a secondary purpose: to communicate directly with missing heirs who are not aware of their inheritance.  The web site was not just a method of advertising, but a base of operations.

Missing Heir Searches by Research America

We built Research America a new responsive website and completely revamped its search engine ranking strategy, targeting more specific and less flooded keyword markets. Within a few months of working with the company, we were able to achieve several first page rankings on Google and generated a return on investment that exceeded their expectations.